Therapy should be a dream... not a nightmare

By the end of this course, you won't waste any more time or money on the wrong sessions.

  • Learn how to find affordable and diverse therapists of all backgrounds

  • Know which questions to ask to find the "right" therapist before scheduling your 1st session

  • Get unstuck from some of the typical challenges experienced in therapy

  • Address unique concerns experienced by people of color in therapy

Meet Your Guide

Davia Roberts


Davia Roberts

I’ve been on both sides of therapy, as a therapist and as a client. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad experiences. Thankfully my training taught me what SHOULD be happening in the therapeutic process and I want to share my wisdom to help you avoid wasting your time on therapists and expensive sessions that aren’t working for you. Therapy shouldn’t be exhausting, it should be life changing.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Barriers to therapy

    • Barriers to accessing therapy
  • 3

    Affordable Options

    • Affordable therapy
  • 4

    Choosing A Therapist

    • What type of therapist should you work with?
    • How to interview the therapist and pick "The One"
  • 5

    What happens when you're on the couch...

    • Preparing for your 1st session
    • Setting realistic expectations for therapy
  • 6

    Working through challenges in therapy

    • Finding alternatives to traditional talk therapy
    • How to get 'unstuck' in therapy
    • How to address concerns with your therapist
  • 7

    Ending therapy

    • Therapy isn't forever...
  • 8

    Question + Answer

    • Q+A

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